Birchin Lane works closely with developers in all sectors of the real estate market to locate property for investment and development.   Our understanding of the real estate and capital markets and the legal and regulatory environment developers operate under, enables us to find and assess the feasibilty of a property.  Our experience is instrumental in all types of transcations from residental (multifamily and home builders) to retail, office and industrical. We use our indepth knowledge of the market and the latest in real estate technology to locate the right property, whether on or off market.  Our goal is locate the right property and negotiate a purchase and sale agreement that protects our client's interest by giving them the time required to get fully permitted before closing at a value that works.  We realize the price, location and timing is critical when purchasing land to make projects profitable for our developers. We approach each project with a sense of urgency and accuracy. 


At Birchin Lane we use both technology and “boots on the ground” to find the most profitable sites for developers.  We evaluate them both physically and statistically. Through our experience and our use of the latest software we are able to evaluate multiple sites in an area, hone in on the most advantageous sites for the prospective tenant, and find off market land for both developers and investors. We act quickly and strategically.


We work closely with residential developers - both multifamily and single family - to ensure the site selection process and pricing of land is through the eyes of both the developers and the investors.  We know the market and what it can support. With a combination of both technology and market experience, we make sure deals are both executed on time and priced right to ensure profitable returns to developers and investors.


In the competitive hospitality industry, it is critical to have a location strategy that maximizes your ability to increase revenue. This means gaining a strong understanding of the customers that a developer is aiming to serve (in addition to the usual factors involved in forming a location strategy, like economic incentives and real estate) before beginning the site selection process. That’s why we approach location strategy development with a combination of the most precise customer analytics and our ability to provide a full suite of real estate and economic incentive solutions.

How We Create Value for Finding Land:

  • Advanced customer analytics
  • Assessment of your competitors
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase market share
  • Reduce real estate costs
  • Increase economic incentives

Our Solutions:

  • Customer profiling and segmentation
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Customized GIS mapping
  • Competitor saturation analysis
  • Trade area development and mapping
  • Consumer demand analysis
  • Demographic and market data analysis
  • Market potential analysis
  • Real estate market research
  • Real estate negotiations
  • Economic incentive negotiations
  • Economic incentive compliance
  • Construction management